The Mommy Makeover

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Being a mother is hard work and it can really wear on you physically. If motherhood has negatively affected your body, consider getting a Mommy Makeover from Palisade Plastic Surgery. Our NJ Mommy Makeover consists of cosmetic procedures specifically and professionally design to help you regain a youthful body without long and painful recovery times. Not only are is the procedure quick, its amazingly cost-effective and will leave you looking and feeling brand new.

The Mommy Makeover includes abdominal tightening, or New Jersey Tummy Tuck, and breast rejuvenation, also called a “breast lift.” These procedures are performed together to address the two most common aesthetic complaints after pregnancy. The tummy tuck is performed by creating an incision just above the pubic hair line and extending this line in the direction of the hip bones to permit removal of excess hanging skin. The breast lift is performed by removing a portion of the excess skin, repositioning the breast gland, and then tightening the remaining skin.The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes four to six hours. You will be able to return to normal activity in two to three weeks.

Maybe you've neglected yourself because you work hard to care for your children. Or, maybe you just need little help returning your body to its post-baby glory. Whatever the reason, Palisade Plastic Surgery can help. Contact our NJ Cosmetic Surgeon today to learn all about the Mommy Makeover. You deserve it.