ReShape Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure

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Have you been trying to lose weight with diet and exercise, but it just isn’t working? The ReShape non-surgical weight loss procedure might be a good option for you. The ReShape procedure inserts a dual balloon into your stomach to take up space and help you feel full. Unlike other weight loss plans, this is a non-surgical approach without any incisions or scars.

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There are three phases of the ReShape procedure that are done over a period of 12 months. The first phase is assessing your readiness for the program. This evaluation takes into account your willingness to make diet and exercise changes along with the program. It is important to commit to the entire program for 12 months to experience lasting effects.

The next phase is the insertion of the two balloons. This is a non-surgical procedure that will allow you to return to your daily activities quickly. The doctor will insert the balloons endoscopically while you are under sedation, and then the balloons are filled with saline solution. Insertion takes about 20 minutes. There are many advantages to a dual balloon system instead of a single balloon. Two balloons take up more space in the stomach, and fit the configuration of the stomach better. There may also be less instances of gastric obstruction with two balloons.

Once the balloons are in, you will focus on healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits with help from professionals who will help you set goals, track your progress, and encourage and support you. You will also have access to the ReShape patient website that allows you to track your progress.

The third phase is the removal of the balloons after six months, and continued healthy eating and lifestyle choices to maintain your optimal weight and health.

If you have had previous gastrointestinal surgery, or have a history of GI bleeding, you will not be eligible for the ReShape procedure. You also must have a Body Mass Index between 30 and 40 and be willing to participate in health counseling and lifestyle changes.

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