Orbera – Intragastric Balloon System

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Weight loss is not always a simple process for everyone. Medical conditions can play a leading role in a person’s obesity and what can seem or feel like an inability to loose unwanted weight can have multiple effects on a person. With our professional and experienced plastic surgeons, you receive the best and innovative weight loss solutions available. One of which is the Orbera Intragastric Balloon.

NJ Orbera

Orbera is a gastric balloon system that is internationally recognized as a leader in gastric reduction devices. This soft, surgical-grade balloon is part of a weight loss program structured for patients meeting specific criteria. It is an US food and FDA approved product for weight loss that is placed inside the stomach by using an endoscope. Once inserted into place, the balloon is then filled with a sterile saline solution, stays within the stomach for up to 6 months and then gets removed.

The objective is to reduce the internal stomach volume which allows patients to eat less and feel satisfied. A temporary beginning that leads into a more long-term program. Within the 6 months the balloon is safe but for any amount of time exceeding there are increased complications that could become life threatening. This is why we develop a 12-month program. For the 6 months the balloon is in place, patients will follow a diet and exercise plan developed by a nutrition specialist. Once the device is removed, this plan stays in action for an additional 6 months. It is important for the patient to receive nutrition and physical activity counseling during the entire process as support to help them maintain their long-term goals.

The device is intended for patients meeting a body mass index between 30 and 40. Before beginning, the patient’s health history will be checked along with an initial exam. A patient must have no previous stomach conditions in the past to be a good fit for this program. If there is a history of stomach problems or ulcers the patient may not be the best candidate for the procedure. Also, during the endoscopic procedure, if the surgeon should see any unsafe signs such as ulcers, then the procedure may be cancelled. The safety of our patients is our primary concern.

If you are a good candidate for the procedure, we will discuss the risks and benefits of the Orbera Intragastric Balloon. We will go over the procedure, which will use minimal anesthesia, and discuss what to expect in regards to your short recovery. Should financial issues be of concern, we will be happy to discuss your financing options as well, to help get you the assistance needed for procedure costs.

Weight loss can be challenging on many levels but it is not unachievable. Our staff along with our professional and experienced surgeons can assist you through your weight loss program. Give our plastic surgery office a call to schedule your consultation and discover how the Orbera procedure can work for you.