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Palisade Plastic Surgery has always brought the most technologically advanced procedures to our patients. We continue to do this through NeoGraft, a new, FDA-approved, European medical device that offers the least invasive procedure for hair transplantation for men and women. This new breakthrough in hair loss surgery reduces the recovery time of hair restoration surgery while making it affordable so more people can take advantage of its many benefits. New Jersey hair restorationOver 40 million men and 21 million women experience hair loss through hereditary conditions or hormonal changes. If you are one of those people, hair restoration surgery might be right for you.

The NeoGraft device utilizes technology that quickly and painlessly removes each hair follicle individually, and unlike the outdated Follicular Unit Transplant, does not require doctors to remove a large strip of scalp from the back of the head. Instead, hair is individually removed from the back of the head, where hair is genetically programmed to regrow, and is implanted where there is hair loss. The NeoGraft device uses controlled pneumatic pressure to slide out the graft smoothly, so there is no pulling or twisting of the hair, and there is no linear scar or numbness after the surgery. Patients typically are able to return to work the next day.

Once the hair follicles have been implanted, the grafted hair stays in place for 2-3 weeks before shedding, and you can expect new hair growth to begin 3-4 months after that. After 3-4 months, hair will grow normally and will look natural.

Depending on your hair loss, hair transplantation may require an ongoing commitment of time, especially if you're balding pattern continues. Contact our top plastic surgeons in NJ to schedule a consultation and see how hair restoration surgery can improve your quality of life and increase your self-esteem.