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One of the most troublesome and common conditions that men suffer from is gynecomastia. Nearly half of all men experience gynecomastia due to localization of fat and/or glandular tissue in the breasts. What causes this condition is unknown but it may be linked to medications or disease. While some men are embarrassed by the condition, few actually seek out treatment to smooth their chest and reduce their breasts. Those who choose to undergo the operation with us experience a fast and flawless process.

Depending on the type and the amount of tissue in the breasts, gynecomastia is treated by either liposuction, open surgery, or a combination of the two. If the tissue is mostly fatty, than liposuction is used to gently suction the tissue from a small incision in the nipple or underarm. 90% of Dr. Rosenberg's patients are able to have their gynecomastia treated through a technique that combines the removal of extra breast tissue and fat through small cannulae liposuction with abrasion of the skin that permits its reduction leaving no external scarring. The procedure only takes one to two hours and you will be able to return home the following day. For three weeks, a chest garment must be worn and strenuous exercise avoided while the operation area heals.

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