Are You Ready for the Wow?

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Prepare yourself for the Wow! Look ahead, post weight loss surgery. You have lost a significant amount of weight and are no longer struggling with excess weight. You partake in daily physical activity whether biking, walking or swimming. You feel better, look better in your clothes and your self-esteem is rising. Now we get your body back!

Your Bariatric and Plastic surgeons collaborate, carefully planning before your bariatric surgery to enable better future reconstructive results. You will have to contribute by fitness training and strengthening your muscles to help in the reshaping and contouring of your body.

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We have twelve specifically designed procedures all working in conjunction with your bariatric surgery to help you get your body back to the shape you deserve. When you look into the mirror amazed at the beautiful body starring back at you, the only words out of your mouth will be, “WOW!” Procedures that address excess hanging skin such as Panniculectomy, Abdominoplasty and arm reduction procedures using liposuction and direct excision of skin and fat to reduce excess skin in the arms. Power Assisted Liposuction that contour the body by removal of unwanted isolated areas of fat found in the abdomen, flanks, chest wall, breast area, and back. With potential to use fat in reinsertion as a “fat graft” into certain areas to restore fullness and firmness that may have been lost during the weight loss process.

Lift procedures such as Body Lift, Thigh Lift, and Breast Lift with Reconstruction all aid in removal of excess skin in isolated areas such as thighs, breast, and excess skin encircling entire body. With additional procedures such as liposuction and radio-frequency-assisted skin tightening to aid in the overall results. The reconstruction and restoration of volume and tightening of the breast is often a procedure completed to help reshape a woman’s body following bariatric surgery.

For men who suffer from morbid obesity that have developed breasts due to an expansion in size and fat cells we have Gynecomastia Treatment. We treat this with a special combination of procedures along with procedures to help shrink the breast skin. Including special liposuction to remove fat, breast tissue and ductal tissue through inconspicuous scars.

A facelift and necklift can restore your youthful appearance while facial fillers are used to restore volume where it is needed most, and may treat lines and wrinkles of the face as well. Skin tightening is another treatment used as an outpatient 30 minute procedure in which a radio frequency device is used to shorten collagen bundles in the dermis and help shrink skin.

We offer a selection of ‘get my body back’ procedures that will tighten, remove, contour, sculpt, lift, enhance, fill and give you your body back producing a definite ‘WOW’ effect. We have a number of financing options available and are here to assist you each step of your journey. Contact our plastic surgeons today to see how we can help you get your body back.