Abdominoplasty Procedure

New Jersey Abdominoplasty | NJ Tummy Tuck

Of all the procedures done by the surgeons at Palisade Plastic Surgery Associates, one of the most commonly performed operations is Abdominoplasty, or a "tummy tuck". In fact, Dr. Rosenberg has personally performed over 2,000 of these cases over the years, and he is personally committed to giving women back their youthful and attractive bodies following pregnancy and childbirth, weight fluctuations and the passage of time. The name "Tummy Tuck" is a bit deceiving because this operation is not just about the Tummy. As Dr. Rosenberg always says, "a well done Abdominoplasty begins in the armpits and ends at the thighs". It is about curves and contours in the waist, the area around the belly button, the hips, the pubic mound, the area beneath the breast fold and so much more! NJ Tummy TuckIt is not just about trimming extra skin. Our individually tailored procedure (pardon the pun!) is designed to flatten and shape the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin and rejoining and reorienting the muscles of the abdominal wall to a position of aesthetic improvement and mechanical advantage, combined with lipocontouring and strategic tailoring of the front and sides of the chest wall and suspension with sculpting of adjacent body areas such as the thighs and buttocks where appropriate. Our doctors have performed this surgery on women (and men) of all heights, body weights and age and have all but perfected the procedure. All of our New Jersey patients leave loving the new look of their flattened stomachs.

Every patient who comes to us with an interest in undergoing abdominoplasty will receive customized treatment rather than a one-size-fits all experience. Our trained professionals listen to your wants and needs and take into account your specific goals. The best results comes from the combined efforts of our staff and the patient from pre-op to post-op. This includes a possible nutritional overhaul and implementation of an exercise regimen which begins even before surgery and continues once again after surgery (following a 2 month break during the healing process) to keep you looking your best. To begin, an incision is made right above the pubic hair line and extends towards the flanks, placed as low as possible to help conceal the line beneath undergarments and bathing suit bottoms. Our flap design has resulted in a lower than 2% incidence of "dogears", which are unsightly triangular flaps of skin at the far left and far right of the tummy tuck scar. After contouring of the flanks and chest wall areas above and below the bra straps, the skin of the abdomen in raised, permitting full view of the abdominal wall muscles and their overlying fascia. Then, these muscles are brought together in a very secure and very painless fasion. Don"t believe it? We can put you in touch with literally hundreds of patients who will describe their experience as being painless and resulting in an abdominal wall that feels as tight as if they are wearing a corset 24/7! . The belly button is then inset in such as way that can only be described as "a work of art", with no visible scar and a sexy contour of the entire umbilical region. In fact, we encourage our visitors to check out the special photo section (click here) on our website showing only "postoperative views" of belly buttons. These images speak for themselves about the technique Dr. Rosenberg has pioneered. Finally, the wounds are closed with fine sutures beneath the skin which are removed in a week.

Our patients return home the same day to begin recovery, which specific instructions on what they can and cannot do for exactly 10 days. Normal and expected postoperative wound discomfort is managed by medication which is rarely needed beyond the second or third postop day. A compression garment has to be worn for two weeks. Also, two small suction drains are placed beneath your skin to drain excess fluid from the surgical site. Strenuous activity such as lifting of children or returning to the gym should be avoided for at least six weeks. Because every patient is unique, the recovery process changes from person to person. Our procedure is one of the most advanced in the New Jersey area. Dr. Rosenberg describes Abdominal recontouring as a “team sport”. The team consists of the patient, the trainer, the nutritional consultant, the surgeon and surgical staff and the patient’s support group at home which includes family and friends. Ultimately, you, the patient, are the captain of the team. If you choose your teammates well and follow the plan outline and performed by them, you will be amazed at what can be achieved. At Palisade Plastic Surgery, we provide some very important players on that team and we are very proud of the countless lives we have changed for the better, season after season.

If this sounds like the life change you are seeking, please do not hesitate to contact our NJ plastic surgeons today!