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Are You Ready for the Wow?

NJ Ready for the Wow | New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Prepare yourself for the Wow! Look ahead, post weight loss surgery. You have lost a significant amount of weight and are no longer struggling with excess weight. You partake in daily physical activity whether biking, walking or swimming. You feel better, look better in your clothes and your self-esteem is rising. Now we get your body back!

Why Consider Financing for Your Next Procedure?

NJ Why Consider Financing | New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Is financing a viable option for you? We think so. Palisade Plastic Surgery offers you Plastic Surgery Finance options to help you afford your weight loss surgery. In today’s economy health care costs are rising and showing no signs of declining any time in the near future. This makes financing a viable choice for many of you.

Discover More About Nasal Reconstruction

New Jersey Nasal Reconstruction | Top Plastic Surgeons in NJ

New Jersey nasal reconstruction surgery is safe, effective, and complications are rare when you select a qualified surgeon. Palisade Plastic Surgery provides the best in cosmetic procedures. Dr. Paul Rosenberg is more than qualified being in practice since 1997 and going above and beyond with his educational background.