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Blepharoplasty NJ | New Jersey Eyelid Surgery

Not only do your eyes tell you a lot about the world but they tell the world a lot about you. Think of expressions like "the eyes are the windows to the soul" or "look you in the eye"or "see with your own eyes" and so many more. With all the information our eyes are receiving and expressing they're a fundamental connection to our lives and our world. Eyelids frame the eyes and are susceptible to loose, excess, or sagging skin as well as bags and puffiness. If time and other factors have left you with a less than optimal outlook, Blepharoplasty may worth considering.

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When you look into the mirror are you noticing more wrinkles than you can appreciate? Are you finding the unwanted crow's feet in your Orbicularis Oculi (muscle surrounding your eyes) and/or the frustrating lines in the glabella (frown lines between your eyebrows)? As we age there are many un-pleasantries that accompany are wiser selves. You can blame it on the cellular changes that occur as we age, the reduction of collagen lost over the years, damage caused by free radicals from sun exposure or the environment, stress accumulated throughout the years or not drinking enough of that precious H2O.