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Motherhood can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a woman’s life. Watching your children grow and nurturing them each step of the way is a fascinating journey, but also a tough one. Being a mom often means completely devoting yourself to your family to ensure their health and happiness at all times. But moms can sometimes devote themselves so completely that they may lose their own identities and feelings of self-importance.

There’s no denying that motherhood takes its toll on a woman’s body. From the lingering effects of childbirth to the stress and worry we put on it each day, a woman’s body changes as she matures into motherhood. But there’s no reason why we can’t restore our bodies back to how they were before children. New Jersey cosmetic procedures are safer and easier than ever before, and even designed to improve upon the natural changes of a mother’s body.

The NJ Mommy Makeover consists of specially designed cosmetic procedures that can help you feel youthful and renewed after maternity, without long and painful recovery times. We know that family comes first, but it’s important for mommies to feel as good about themselves as they do about their growing families. Our procedures will fit into your schedule and your budget, but will leave you with a new outlook that will reflect in even the smallest of your motherly duties. A Mommy Makeover is a simple step that can help you and your family feel so much more confident about each exciting and challenging day.

What Does a Bergen County Mommy Makeover Include?

The term Mommy Makeover is used to describe in general terms an operation combining abdominal tightening with breast rejuvenation. These procedures, performed simultaneously, address the two most common aesthetic complaints resulting from pregnancy, an unattractive belly and unattractive breasts.

As a fetus grows, it naturally stretches the skin of its mother’s abdomen and separates the two muscles of the abdominal wall. Pregnancy and nursing can stretch out the breast and create drooping of the breast itself, loss of that youthful fullness on the upper portion of the breast or drooping of the nipple and areola. This is called ptosis (pronounced to-sis) and can steal from a woman her sense of attractiveness both in and out of clothing.

The New Jersey plastic surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes between 4-6 hours. Sometimes, in addition to the breast lift (NJ Mastopexy), an implant is placed beneath each breast to supplement the fullness if there is insufficient breast tissue remaining to restore the fullness desired by the patient. Dr. Rosenberg will make various recommendations to you regarding which combination of procedures will best suit your goals as you consider a NJ Mommy Makeover. Return to a normal level of activity takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

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